NorthStar has hit an incredible milestone for our company. Not only has our firm served for a prosperous 20 years, but we have supported and partnered with over 200+ clients on their real estate projects in that time. These past 2 decades have been about more than quantity, though; we take the greatest pride in the quality of our supporters, clients, and talented members of the NorthStar team who helped our firm thrive. We couldn’t be more thankful to have all of them – all of you – as part of our journey.


20 years ago, NorthStar was born. For 16 years, we went by NorthStar Advisors; then, in 2015, we became NorthStar Owners Representation, a firm that acts as our clients’ trusted advocate for their real estate interests from project inception through completion, providing comprehensive guidance and employing a purposeful, strategic team approach. At that time, we also established our not-for-profit practice – NorthStar Museums and Education – to continue our work of helping our clients chart their course, and bringing passion and expertise to each project we manage by becoming vested in their mission from day one.

As a cohesive firm, our overarching, guiding mission was clear: To work with companies and organizations to manage their complex real estate projects by adding value, building trust, and providing accountability; to work for clients seeking a strategic partner that truly advocates for them at every level. We are proud to have completed this for over 1,000+ projects under NorthStar Owners Representation and NorthStar Museums and Education across a diverse set of market sectors, from not-for-profit, to corporate, to education, and beyond.

As the benchmark in the industry:

  • We bring a 360-degree approach to every project
  • Our focus is on our clients, their employees, and their bottom line
  • We’re command central for our client’s real estate project
  • We’re not limited by state or, even, by country; our client’s location is our location

With a multidisciplinary team of specialists, including:

  • Engineers
  • Operational Administrators
  • Construction Specialists
  • Architects
  • Relocation Managers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Schedulers
  • Estimators
  • LEED Accredited Professionals

We have built something amazing over the last 20 years and thank all of those who have helped us achieve this level of success.


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