NorthStar works with dynamic companies on the move.

Whether you are relocating a division, renovating your corporate campus to be more efficient, restacking departments for business synergy, or building new from the ground up, NorthStar is your partner. NorthStar delivers results – working with you to manage your resources and mitigate risk.​

about northstar

About NorthStar



We’re command central for your real estate project.

As the single point of contact and coordination, NorthStar builds trust with the entire team, instilling a sense of urgency, accountability and pride. Real estate projects have thousands of moving pieces, and multiple contracts with general contractors, subcontractors, architects, and engineering firms. It’s our job to insure the integrity of the project along with keeping tight controls on the timeline, change orders and budget.

Our only focus is you – your bottom line, your employees.
We are there in your stead, planning the timeline and minding the bottom line. NorthStar works exclusively for you as your Owners Representative and we know what it takes to get the job done.

Choose NorthStar

We bring a 360 degree view to every project.

NorthStar’s strength comes from our multidisciplinary team of specialists. Our team includes architects, engineers, facilities professionals, financial analysts, LEED accredited professionals and construction and scheduling specialists. We’re honored to count former clients – from Fortune 500 companies – as NorthStar project managers.

Your location is our location.

We are your real estate advocate whether your project is in the Northeast or the Far East. Our longstanding clients include leading global companies, preeminent national REITS, and highly specialized regional firms. Wherever you are, we are.

NorthStar helps you optimize the value of your real estate assets.

We understand the business impact of each real estate decision. NorthStar helps you plan, examine the options, and keep your business humming. We also understand that relocating employees is a sensitive process, and keeping morale up is as critical as keeping costs down.

For more information contact Anne K. McFadden

Pennsylvania 610-896-8100

New York 212-600-0823

  Virginia 703-844-1729

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