Planning & Strategy

Permitting, Licensing and Zoning Coordination

By bringing the entire project team to the table and making sure the client’s mission is clear, NorthStar effectively navigates complex municipal processes. Using our experience and 360° understanding of the necessary components, we work with the project team to satisfy requirements while communicating with the municipality to understand their process and timing.

Feasibility Studies/Due Diligence

Determining the viability of a project is based on a comprehensive analysis of codes, site conditions, financial implications and more. NorthStar’s in-house, multi-disciplinary team employs a holistic approach to study every facet of a project and uses its global insight to advise a client as to the advantages or corrective measures that might be necessary.

Financial Management Reporting

Whether reporting to banks, bond holders, accurate financial reporting is critical in protecting the interests of our clients and the financial organizations or agencies that provide funding. NorthStar does it right the first time by understanding the specific reporting formats of each agency and creating thorough and accurate documentation that satisfies requirements and gains the confidence of all parties involved.

Capital and Operational Budgeting

NorthStar builds capital budgets from the ground-up using our proprietary real estate budgetary software. Developed to deliver the level of detail clients require, this program employs client input and NorthStar expertise to identify where the dollars will be spent and continues to track them in real time throughout the project.

Cost Estimating

Cost estimating is a science that requires the ability to see in 3D and take a project apart piece by piece. NorthStar’s experience in construction, understanding of market costs and ability to visualize the finished project provides clients with an itemized estimate that accounts for every wall frame and every stud. Our cost estimating service paves a clear path for our clients to create an accurate project budget.

Design Solicitation/Management

NorthStar focuses on getting the best out of your design team. With multiple checks and balances along the way, a constant eye on the bottom line, and a focus on schedule, aesthetics and efficiency, we ensure that the final project is consistent with your vision and mission. By keeping you informed, clients understand their options, choices and potential solutions. We collaborate and challenge, and in the end, deliver the project you expect in the time you need it.

Technology Support and Coordination

Technology integration is one of the most complex components of a project. NorthStar coordinates our clients’ voice and data providers, makes sure drops and systems are accurate and maintains the schedule to ensure our client’s are up and running when the project is completed.

Cost Benefit Analysis

NorthStar uses a systematic approach to assist clients in making decisions during the course of design to maintain their vision while keeping a watchful eye on the budget and schedule. Working with the project team, our team weighs the cost benefit to questions whether about systems – “Is the HVAC system above the required capacity?” or design – “Do I need clear white oak?”


Budget and Schedule Management

When NorthStar manages and maintains the budget and schedule throughout a project, clients have a clear and accurate understanding of the status of their project in real time. This up-to-the-minute accounting of dollars and timing facilitates critical decision-making throughout the life of the project.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Management

Whether furniture, equipment or services, NorthStar tracks these vital pieces of our client’s projects from start to finish. From detailed, accurate writing of the initial scope; careful selection of items or vendors; and tracking of shipments for consistency and timing, our process provides our clients with best pricing and accuracy and ensures critical deadlines are met.

LEED® Certification Management

Sustainability is a given in many projects, but when our clients choose to pursue LEED certification, NorthStar navigates this complex and paperwork-driven process from Day One. With a registered, LEED accredited professional as part of our team, clients realize benefits of advanced planning and a central source to gather information for certification submittals.

Historic Preservation Advisory

With the intent to preserve the history of a site and gain potential tax benefits, historic preservation requires a guiding hand to keep the process moving and coordinate with Federal guidelines. Having successfully worked with many clients in this capacity, our team advises clients on options, communicates with the proper agencies for approval and keeps the information organized to fulfill the requirements.

Purchasing and Procurement Management

From gathering of initial scope, to purchase orders, through tracking receipt of products, NorthStar dedicates the resources you need to have the process go smoothly and on time.

Construction Support

When it is time for a project to be built, NorthStar keeps an eagle’s eye view on behalf of our clients during the construction process. We not only watch the schedule and budget, but focus on the quality of the work being completed to make sure the end product is up to the standards and expectations of our client.

Relocation and Restack Management

Careful coordination and comprehensive planning is the key towards successfully moving our clients whether to a new location or within an existing space. Our experienced team mitigates the risk of potential downtime by initially vetting the entire project team and continuing to monitor the process and schedule. Communication with change is critical and NorthStar’s clear and concise plan with management, staff and the project team provides a smooth transition.

Resident Coordination

During any renovation project, detailed and frequent communication is the key to NorthStar’s successful resident coordination services. Our team meets with residents, reviews the work and schedule and is on-site during the work. By NorthStar’s handling of this labor-intensive piece of a project, property owners realize minimal resident issues and complaints and are able to focus on the day-to-day operations of their property.

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