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Why Hire an Owners Representation Firm?

Often times, the terms Owners Representation and Project Management are used interchangeably. However, they are distinctly different. An Owners Representative is a long-term, trusted advisor to a client understanding the goals and mission of a corporation. A Project Manager is a role that typically refers to a one-time event with a specific beginning and end.

As an Owners Representative, NorthStar is a strategic partner for real estate projects, truly advocating at every level. We not only manage a specific project, but also sit with the client early on to understand their vision and immersing ourselves in the mission of the corporation. By assisting clients in defining their needs and requirements, NorthStar creates long-term plans for success and weighs in from the beginning to offer sound advice relative to strategy and approach. Our holistic approach illustrates the mile-markers along the way that must be met to achieve any given set of goals and the client’s vision.

Our Team

NorthStar has a very unique and diverse company composition, giving us a 360 degree view of a project and an edge over other firms. Our strength comes from our multi-disciplinary team of specialists that includes engineers, architects, financial advisors, LEED-accredited professionals, estimators, construction specialists, schedulers, operational administrators and relocation managers. By having these disciplines in-house, we are able to support any client and project with our diversity of experience and employ a highly collaborative process. Meet our leadership team >

“I can find a project manager anywhere that will manage construction on my behalf. An Owners Representative, however, tells me what to do and how to from a big picture view. NorthStar is trusted whole-heartedly with my entire program.” Valued NorthStar Client since 2007

For more information contact Anne K. McFadden amcfadden@northstarownersrep.com

New York 212-600-0823

  Virginia 703-844-1729

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