Congratulations to NorthStar’s Managing Director and Principal Ron Street for winning the Women of Influence 2019 award for Ally of the Year! Of the 350 nominations Real Estate Forum and received throughout the nation, Ron was one of only three selected for this category. This award recognizes not only Ron’s decades of work to hire the best talent regardless of their background, but for what he contributes to the Museum projects he’s managed.


Ron goes beyond simply managing his Museum clients’ projects by creating programs – particularly ones which promote STEM education – for the young Museum goers. Debbie Spiegelman – CEO and Executive Director of Miami Children’s Museum – attests to the impact that Ron has had on her Museum: “Ron’s contributions not only to the renovation portion of the job, but the development of educational opportunities for the kids comes from his deep belief in showing that the potential between girls and boys equally are truly limitless”. Ron makes these efforts to help children of different backgrounds grow with the confidence and foundational knowledge to pursue their interests and hone their talents.


The Women of NorthStar


Ron encourages people of every age – regardless of their gender – to strive for professional success in their field of interest. With women comprising only 9% of the Commercial Real Estate industry, NorthStar’s 70% female and 79% female/minority team member composition sets a powerful example for the CRE world. In submitting for this award, NorthStar team members Rosella Harvey, RA, LEED AP and Brenna Imperiale poured their appreciation for Ron into their own testaments:

Rosella shared that, upon being interviewed for a position at NorthStar 15 years ago: “Ron felt my atypical career experience contributed to my overall expertise and gave me unique experiences that others could not provide”.

Brenna says of her experience working with Ron over the past seven years: “Ron has always presented me with new and challenging opportunities that I didn’t think I was capable of mastering… it is his belief in me that pushes me to challenge myself and grow as a woman in this industry.”

The NorthStar team is proud to have a leader like Ron – who uses his abilities and influence to help people from all walks of life achieve success – at the helm.

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