Seven years ago, Miami Children’s Museum chose NorthStar to support their Master Plan. Dozens of expansion and renovation projects later, Miami Children’s Museum is now home to some of the world’s most coveted experiences for children with their new and re-imagined exhibits!

We thought it only appropriate to commemorate this nearly decade-long partnership by highlighting some of our favorite exhibits for their high-tech, digital interactive components.


(CREDIT: teamLab)

This MUSE Award-winning installation is notable for its interactive virtual aquarium, a digital wall which children add their art to via a scanner that animates and digitizes their drawing. This digital interactive was the first in the country to utilize this unique technology, and while this installation has been exhibited in several cultural spaces around the world (including Japan), Miami Children’s Museum was its first home. (Click the video above to see the wall in action!)


This space inside the All About Art exhibit welcomes visitors into its 13 unique activities and imagination-fostering spaces, including areas dedicated to six elements of art – Form, Line, Shape, Texture, Space, and Color.

The exhibit’s high-tech pièce de résistance? Two custom digital interactives – Masterpiece Me! and Creative Canvas – Digital Mural Interactive. The technology, built from scratch, allows children to create their own art in a number of styles.


(CREDIT: MiamiDadeTV)

This sizeable installation at the Miami International Airport features six interactive elements including a selfie station, plane departure and arrival stations, and video and voiceover content for the individual exhibit activities.

Visitors become virtual air traffic controllers by listening to real conversations between the tower and airplane pilots, and watching a simulated aircraft arrival. The Toddler Play Space contains a sit-in airplane, crawl-through fuselage tunnel, and more tactile-learning activities for these small aviators. Older children can Learn to Fly by taking the controls of a remote-controlled plane and, or tour Miami from inside the cockpit of a model airplane. Simulated hot air balloon rides are also available in the I Spy Miami from the Sky exhibit.


Children are invited to build their musical skills in this exhibit with activities involving a wide range of instruments – including having a go at the Big Piano installment (made popular by the movie Big). The exhibit’s eight interactive elements allow children to engage in “kinesthetic, auditory and visual modalities”. Music Makers Studio gives children a well-rounded experience of music, from the science behind it, to the physical movements needed to play instruments, all the way to learning how to compose their own musical masterpieces!

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