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For this large-scale Sand Processing Plant – specific to the natural gas and oil industry – project, as well as the ground-up construction of their specialty resin coating plant, NorthStar provided Preferred Sands with both in the field and behind-the-scenes support.

Our team was selected to support the final and initial construction phases for two of their Sand Processing Plants in Monahans, TX and Poteet, TX, as well as move forward with the design phase for their Sand Processing Plant in Oklahoma. As Preferred Sands' Owners Rep, NorthStar lent our expertise to refine their existing project schedule and controls, schedule vendors for startup and validation, offer specialized attention to the procurement process, Capital Budget oversight, soliciting qualified manpower, develop and provide a forensic analysis to bypass project issues, and much more.

Preferred Sands

  • Owners Representation
  • Construction
  • Monahans, TX / Poteet, TX
  • Production of 3+ MMTPY (Million Metric Tons Per Year)

For more information contact Anne K. McFadden amcfadden@northstarownersrep.com

New York 212-600-0823

  Virginia 703-844-1729

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