Picking up the Pieces after Hurricane Sandy

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NorthStar provided the MEP and Program Management aspects of this community-changing project, the goal of which was to develop and provide a cost submission to FEMA for reimbursement. Our team supported the design, bidding and subsequent construction of the preliminary remediation at the NYCHA HSCIP sites affected by Hurricane Sandy. We addressed 34 sites with over 300 total buildings ranging from 2 to 26 stories and over 24,000 units.

There were many moving parts and pieces to this effort both from the original HSCIP I efforts as well as the efforts associated with HSCIP II. NorthStar addressed the issues and activities with B. Thayer Associates’ in-house staff, always protecting the best interest of NYCHA.

We were responsible for managing each of the consulting teams, throughout the Next Steps II phase. This included creating and managing a schedule, conducting daily calls to vet queries, and keeping all consultants fully abreast of information to allow them adherence to the schedule. NorthStar also collated the data, organized, and delivered to NYCHA. NorthStar finalized each consultant’s fee structure and continued to monitor expenditures on a weekly basis and together with NYCHA reviewed task orders and invoices.

NYCHA – Hurricane Sandy Capital Improvements Projects

  • Hurricane Sandy Capital Improvements Projects
  • NYCHA – HSCIP I – Expansion & HSCIP II – Next Steps
  • Manhattan, NY
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Queens, NY
  • 34 Sites / 300+ Buildings / 24,000+ Units

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