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Kleinbard LLC has relocated to the entire 5th floor of Three Logan Square in Philadelphia, PA, which consists of approximately 20,000 SF. NorthStar was selected to provide comprehensive Owners Representative and Project Management services to facilitate the success of this project.

NorthStar collaborated with the entire project team to seamlessly relocate Kleinbard LLC to their new space, which allowed time for decommissioning and turn-over of the existing space.

Our team joined the project well into the design phase and, thus, we knew it was vital to work immediately with the design team to discuss pricing parameters to quickly develop and complete a budget estimate. This measure helped the team determine if the targeted project budget was on track to make any necessary corrections prior to construction documentation. This approach helped the team avoid a "budget bust" at bidding and subsequent redesign based on Value Analysis.

Kleinbard LLC

  • Relocation
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 20,000+ SF

For more information contact Anne K. McFadden amcfadden@northstarownersrep.com

New York 212-600-0823

  Virginia 703-844-1729

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